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The story of laminated parquet starts with trees of various species that get processed by technologically-equipped machinery into parquet designs after completing their natural lifecycles. Timbers are piled for different periods of time depending on the sort of the material (3 months to a year) and then get dried in computerized, fully-automatic drying kilns.

Following this meticulous, highly technological drying process which constitutes an important part of laminated parquet production, the materials are maintained in special air-conditioned rooms and made into lamellas through highly sensitive machinery, after which they are sorted out depending on their different classes. At this phase, top level materials are brought together and pressed and calibrated in 2 or 3 layers. After getting applied 1 layer of coating, 6 layers of ultraviolet varnish or oil on the surface, our materials are then dissembled from their tongues and grooves in highly sensitive machinery to be packaged.

Processing plant